PURE RAW COWS MILK – Yes from the udder to the bottle to your table.

How we do it    

After many mistakes, We are still learning to do it better.

What we do today is what we have learnt from real life experiences with undying passion to deliver PURE COWS MILK. The Fact that it took us 5 years to get here is testimony to our never give up attitude with a sincere honest effort in every step of our progress.

  1. Farm Preparedness – The lack of experience and knowledge, led us to our first mistake of choosing an infertile land. To Understand and make the changes it took us three years. Today, we have 5 arces of Green Fields, where only Feeds for the Cattle is grown. CO5 forms the largest land parcel followed by VeliMasal, Agathi, Cofs. We also use 2 arces to grow Groundnuts with the main objective of saving the grountnut plant as dry nutrient feed for the Cattle. We use this 2 acres for Grount Nuts and Corn Oats both of which give great dry plant feeds that is rich in nutrients and enjoyed by the cattle.
  2. Choosing the Cattle – We currently have 40 counts of Cattle, not all of them produce milk but all them healthy, well maintained Herd. The Cattle that is in our farm is now native to our farm, mostly born within our farm.  We, now strictly do not buy any cattle from outside market or anywhere for that matter, We will grow with the new births within Our Farm.
  3. Staff – Staff being one of the biggest challenges of Farming, We have taken conscious decision to have ample staffs at any point in time, so that the work goes on unhindered. We have provided proper concrete houses with Biogas facility and a nice tiled toilet. We stay on the top floor overlooking the entire farm. The food is the same for one and all in the Farm.
  4. Operations – We have worked very hard to bring in a system based on practical advantages that were learnt over the years.  A Typical day starts at 6am, The Cows are Milked between 6 am to 7 am and then fed farm grown concentrate mixed in water. The cows are then taken to open field grazing (2.5 arces )( The Shelter is fully sanitized once the Cows leave for Grazing ) by about 10-11 am they walk into the shaded areas within the grazing area and are provided with Dry Plant Matters (Dry Grass – Vaikapull, Dry Grountnut Plants, Dry Corn Oats Plant) By about 12 noon a mixture of farm grown greens  are provided by the measure of weight , This is again followed at 2pm. At 4 pm Concentrate feed Mixed in water is provided followed by Dry Matter Feed, by 6 pm they are taken into their night shelter where they are Milked.
  5. Milk Processing – Since we have a limited source of Milk, We take utmost care to handle them carefully. The Milk is Chilled in a Bulk Milk Chillers immediately after it is Milked and Bottled to maintain the freshness it is stored in Coolers until it is ready for delivery.

Transparency – We are not sure how better we can make it transparent other than to Invite you to the farm, where you can even stay ( 2 Adults and 2 Children). We provide this facility free of cost only.