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About Dhariya Farms..

Passion that came to life in 2012, Over Coming Many Challenges and Learning Many Lessons, We finally started delivering, since 2018, all of Our Farm Produce across Chennai. Primarily PURE RAW COWS MILK, FREE RANGE COUNTRY CHICKEN EGGS and GREENS

Located at Avoor, Thiruvannamalai Dist, TamilNadu. The Journey from 2012 has been very humbling and finally looks like rewarding. A 12 arce Farm, That has about 2 acres of land set aside for the Housing of Cows and Open Grazing, 5 acres of Various Feeds Plantations that are grown using just the slurry from the Biogas Plant and Farm Manure, thus ensuring that the inputs that the Cows are fed with are as Natural and Chemical Free as we claim. We are in the process of being certified Organic, in the meantime,  Seeing is believing and  Your own personal experience at our Farm can stand as the testimony to our efforts.


Address: #12, OMR Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096   |   +91 73388 61649   |   order@dhariyafarms.com


We focus on the commonly used Greens and grown them Organically. Palak, Arai Keerai, Thandu Keerai and Siru Keerai being the most prominent produce from Our Farm. We have Scheduled two deliveries a week and delivery schedule will be posted one day prior to harvest.  Each Bunch weighs more than 300 Grams

Pure Traditional Cow’s Ghee, the produce that has brought us the most good reviews. Dhariya Ghee is Prepared following the Traditional Method of A2 Milk to Curd to Butter to Ghee. The Bacterial transformation in this process brings out the best Ghee. It takes 3 to 4 days to prepare each batch of Ghee. It comes in 150ml, 250ml and 500 ml Bottle.

Gavya Paneer

Gavya Paneer is a wish that has been brought to life by Dhariya Farms. Made from A2 Milk.

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#12, OMR Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096